Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Andromeda Galaxy

Taken with a Canon 50mm lens, attached to Meade DSI CCD camera.

~200 exposures of 2.8 seconds each, stacked using Nebulosity software.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Messier Object M16

The "eagle" is not visible, since this is a very wide field shot. It is a very small dark area of nebulosity deep inside the nebula - and a camera lens isn't going to show it, It would need more magnification (i.e. a telescope).

Messier Object M23

Thursday, July 3, 2008

A multiple-update post -

Going to try to fit in a lot of developments, in one post - In a nut shell:
After many attempts at Astrophotography with 35mm film, I moved to Medium format.
After many attempts with Medium format cameras, lenses and Kodak E200 slide film: I still didn't produce any images that I'd say are even worthy of posting here. They just weren't anything special.
So, we're going to skip all the pics of medium format cameras, lenses and the images they produced, since none of them were anything "to write home about".
Sold all my medium format cameras, lenses, film and mailers.
>>>>Fast forward>>>>Decided what the heck - And took the plunge into CCD imaging.
Got a used Meade DSI-C (one shot color) CCD camera used, off e-bay for a little under $200.
Bought an SLR lens to CCD adapter from Mogg adapters in the land down under for ~$70 (shipped) and started up the steep learning curve...
To make a long story short - I've been having a lot of fun! Been using both 50mm and 135mm fast Canon lenses (from my Canon AE-1). I've been getting some nice results - especially considering that none of my exposures have even gone much more than 5 minutes total.
I'm still just a beginner in the world of CCD Astrophotography, and have a long way to go.
But after only a few weeks -I finally have a really nice image (for a beginner) that I can post here. It was taken from my light-polluted backyard, in Bronx NY.
It is of Messier object, M17, the Swan Nebula:

This was taken with the Meade DSI, a Canon 135mm F/2.5 lens, set at F/4, A stack of 87 2.8 second exposures, stacked using Nebulosity's Drizzle feature. (Drizzle was developed by NASA to be used for the Hubble Space Telescope's images). The image has been saved in JPG format and compressed from it's original un-compressed format for easier uploading, viewing, etc.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Random Star Field near Cygnus

Taken with the awesome Yashica Electro GSN 35. Slide film on EQ-1 tracking mount.
Exposure ~1.5 minutes.

Enhanced with Adobe Photoshop CS. Converted to JPG to decrease image size.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

My current (low budget) equipment

The Canon AE-1, in the lower right hand corner, is my most expensive (and most used) camera.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Best shots yet - Shot in Long Island NY

The shot above features the Orion constellation, on the right side of the pic.
Below: The Pleaides and Hyades star clusters.

It sure is nice to be able to take pics under less light polluted skies...These were shot on Long Island.

These are fixed tripod shots, taken with the Minolta SRT-201. I believe I probably used the 45mm "pancake" lens for this shot (stopped down a stop or two) - it was way too cold to take proper notes.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


The Gemini Constellation, shot outside my back window, in Bronx, NY.

(under lots of light pollution). Used 35mm camera, slide film on Orion EQ-1 motorized mount.

Exposure ~30 seconds.